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Organizational development is defined as the process through which an organization develops its internal capacity to optimize and sustain its effectiveness to achieve its mission.


Have you ever wondered what makes a good organization great?  It’s the people. Committed, productive employees are key to organizational success and a healthy bottom line. The “soft skills” of interpersonal communication, leadership, problem-solving and teamwork are crucial for success.  It’s harder than ever to find, develop and retain talented individuals. The challenge then, is retaining and developing satisfied, committed employees.


Change management Consulting, Inc. is known as an industry leader in organizational development.  We have helped countless organizations to identify, develop and implement innovative strategies to address human resource issues that may be holding your organization back.


Human resources is a distinguishing competitive strength...or weakness.  Our proven solutions are customized to address your unique situation.  We use tools and frameworks to enhance HR processes in support of organizational objectives through:


Strategic HR Planning


Performance Measurement


Job Analysis and Alignment


Succession Planning


Our assessment, workshop and survey tools achieve outstanding results in enhancing organizational effectiveness.  We help you to create a culture that that promotes long-term organizational health by bringing out the best in your people, resulting in sustained performance improvements.  You will be amazed at the transformation our clients have enjoyed.


A physician assesses your symptoms before providing a prescription or performing surgery. Successful people development should also begin with assessment and analysis. CMC uses first-rate assessment tools to provide multiple levels of insight for your organization. The right solution might be training, but not always. Count on us to give you the right prescription. CMC equips you to optimize your human assets, establish measurable goals, and achieve a higher return on your training investments.


CMC has helped countless organizations like yours to live up to their full potential.  Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you optimize your organization's success.


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