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We are the experts at obtaining funding assistance for training!

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Organizations of all sizes can benefit from a variety of local, state and federal funding assistance programs to improve their quality management systems and upgrade employee skills. This broad definition covers ISO, Six Sigma, Lean, change management, leadership and basic skills training. Some of these programs offer matching funds while others provide tax credits. A few even bestow outright grants. However, gaining access to—and understanding—these funding programs can be a daunting task. That's why it pays to select a management consulting firm that knows how to navigate these often bewildering waters.


If a company is interested in getting financial help, it pays to partner with a consulting firm that has a successful track record in obtaining funding assistance. For example, Change Management Consulting, Inc. (CMC) is approved at local, state and federal levels. We have never had a funding application denied. Over the years, CMC has helped countless clients find the best grants and reimbursement programs to address a variety of training and management consulting needs. CMC even offers clients a funding guarantee for selected financial assistance programs.


CMC is well-versed in obtaining assistance funding for ISO and other continuous improvement skill-based training that can dramatically cut your costs. There is no substitute when it comes to successful experience with these programs—the hand that guides must be steady and sure.

Performing a comprehensive training needs analysis, finding the best funding program, navigating intricate paperwork and helping clients satisfy qualifying criteria requires seasoned expertise. CMC has a very successful track record that gives our clients confidence to proceed with training or other quality management projects, knowing that their funding proposal will likely be approved.


CMC also performs funding program management for its clients. This relieves you of an administrative burden. We closely monitor a client's compliance with the funding program's regulations and manage data entry, tracking, reporting and invoicing. Knowing the ropes, we help our clients to maintain positive cash flows by expediting the release of program funds.

Moreover, we keep abreast of changing regulations and trends. CMC knows how to expedite proposals, and overcome bureaucracy to successfully secure funding. And we issue status reports along the way, so that our clients are fully informed. Also, CMC is proactive in advising its clients about funding opportunities, and we will show you how these programs can be leveraged.


So don't wait - contact CMC today.  We are the funding assistance experts!

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